The LOOQ company from Świebodzin, which deals with custom 3D printing, decided to supply its printing house with Prografen filaments.
We asked Mr. Łukasz Hańdziuk, the owner of the company, why the choice fell on the Prografen brand.

“Currently, the filament market in Poland and in the world is very diverse and finding a good quality product at the right price can be problematic.
Already during the first tests of the Prografen PLA and PETG products with graphene, I noticed that the black color of the printout was very deep. I decided then that it would be worth trying something new on the market and after many tests and printouts I know that it was a very good decision.

Filament with graphene allows you to obtain a matte print surface at lower temperatures, while raising the hotend temperature allows you to obtain a gloss on the printed surface.
An important feature for me is also the repeatability of color, which I obtain when using Prografen products.
Printing microcomputer cases using graphene filaments is simple and repeatable

The range of colors offered by Prografen also allows me to carry out various orders: from Christmas decorations, through housings for microcomputers, to movable toys for children.
For me, Prografen is the optimal product thanks to which we know that every printout will be successful.
Preservation of the filament diameter, vacuum packaging of the product, ecological packaging: these are just some of the many advantages that Prografen has to offer.”

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We would like to thank Mr. Łukasz for his trust and we also encourage you to take advantage of our offer.

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Using the vase mode and an average print speed of 50mm/s, the product will be ready in about 2 hours and is sure to make a nice addition to your home or office decor.