COMPETITION REGULATIONS: “Technical Use of 3D Printing”.


1 Organizer
The organiser of the competition “Technical use of 3D Printing ” is Advanced Graphene Products ul. Antoniego Wysockiego 4, 66-002 Zielona Góra : NIP: 929 184 7897 , REGON: 081062890 (“Organiser”).


The prizes in the Competition are provided by Advanced Graphene Products ul. Antoniego Wysockiego 4, 66-002 Zielona Góra : NIP: 929 184 7897 , REGON: 081062890.


The Competition is in no way endorsed, sponsored, organised or associated with Instagram and Facebook. Instagram and Facebook are not responsible for the Contest and all questions, comments and complaints should be addressed to the Organiser and not to Instagram and Facebook. The Organiser undertakes jointly and severally to indemnify Instagram and Facebook against any Contest Entrant who makes a claim against Instagram or Facebook relating to this Contest.


2 Duration of the Competition and the Competition Committee


The Competition starts on 17.02.2023 and lasts until 24.02.2023
Participants are rewarded with photos of their technical prints made using the FDM method with the use of filaments, together with the Prografen profile tag which will be published during this period. The public announcement of the results shall take place by 27.02.2023 at the latest.
In order to ensure the proper organisation of the Competition, the proper course of the Competition and the selection of the participants – including the Winners – the Organiser appoints a Competition Committee. Any doubts concerning the rules of the Competition, interpretation and provisions of these Regulations shall be resolved by the Organiser. The Committee will consist of 3 persons selected by the Organiser. 3.


3 Conditions and rules of participation in the Competition
The Competition is open to any natural person (hereinafter: Participant), who:

1.1. is of full legal age and has full legal capacity

1.2. is not affiliated with the Organiser in any personal, capital or organisational capacity

1.3. he/she has read the Rules of the Competition and accepts the provisions thereof,

1.4. he/she has completed the Competition Task.


2.The lack of fulfilment of any of the conditions specified in par. 1 points 1.1-1.4 constitutes grounds for exclusion of the Entrant from the Competition, and in the event of a later discovery of these circumstances, including after the date of prize distribution, the right to claim its return.


Participation is conditional on acceptance of these Rules, and participation in the Competition and providing data for the purposes of the Competition is voluntary.


It is not permitted to create a fictitious account in order to participate in the Contest, or to use the data and accounts of third parties. The data on your personal Instagram and Facebook profile must be accurate. 4.


4 Competition rules and process


The Contest will be conducted exclusively online, on Instagram and Fecebook on the Organizer’s profile at


The Competition Task consists of:
2.1 Adding a photo showing the technical use of 3D printing on your profile.

2.2 To label Prografen account at the added photo on your profile (Instagram or Facebook).

The entries/comments related to the subject matter of the Contest are eligible for the Contest, they do not contain content that breaks the law, violates good manners and the dignity of others, and those for which the Entrant proves his/her copyrights.

In order to ensure the proper course of the Competition, the Organiser will select the 3 most interesting entries and award them respectively:
1stplace – 3x1kg of selected, stock available Prografen filament

2nd place – 2x1kg of a selected, stock available Prografen® felt.

3rd place – 1x1kg of selected, stock available Prografen® felt.


Administrators of Prografen’s profile are obliged to remove comments/posts that violate these Terms and Conditions.

The winner of the Competition will be notified via Instagram or Facebook up to a maximum of 7 ( seven) working days after the end of the Competition.

5 Prizes in the Competition
The prizes in the Contest “Technical use of 3D printing” by Advanced Graphene Products, are a total of 6kg of Prografen brand filament.

The winner will be informed of the prize via a private message on Instagram or Facebook sent from the official Prografen. In order to receive the prize pack containing the felt, the winner must send a private message back by 10.03.2023, including the winner’s name, email address and postal address (street, house number, postal code, town).
In the event that incorrect data is provided or the obligations of §5., para. 2 within 7 working days, the Winner loses the right to the Prize.
The Organiser reserves the right not to make a selection of comments.

The correct completion of the Competition Task is tantamount to the Participant’s acceptance of the provisions of the Regulations without the necessity of making separate statements in this regard, and is tantamount to the Participant making the following statements and obligations: The Competition Task is a manifestation of the Participant’s individual and original creation, the Participant has all rights to the submitted work and these are not limited or encumbered in any way in favour of third parties. The use of the Contest Task by Advanced Graphene Productsz in accordance with the Contest Rules will not jeopardise, infringe or violate anyone’s rights, property, or secrets protected by law. The Entrant accepts that the Competition Task may be used to advertise the Advanced Graphene Products brand in any media and medium (to the extent of the licence referred to below). The Entrant grants the Organiser a non-exclusive licence to use the Competition Task in connection with the Competition. The licence is granted without territorial limitation, for a period of 5 years from the posting of the Competition Task on Instagram or Facebook, in respect of the author’s rights to use the Competition Task in connection with the Competition. The licence is granted in the fields of marketing of public exhibition, reproduction, display, broadcasting, re-broadcasting, making available in a chosen place and time (on the Internet), use of the Competition Task in a promotional or advertising character and permission to create and exploit elaborations of the Competition Task, combining it with other goods. The Organiser has the right to grant sub-licences. The Entrant undertakes not to exercise his/her personal copyright against the Organiser in relation to the Competition Task. The Organiser may call upon the winner to conclude an appropriate agreement in writing to transfer the rights to the Competition Task. The Organiser reserves the right to remove and not include in the Competition Tasks: 1. inconsistent with the Instagram and Facebook regulations, 2. not meeting the criteria specified in the Regulations or submitted contrary to the rules of the Regulations, 3. containing content inconsistent with good morals, immoral, offensive or violating applicable laws; 4. violating the rights, in particular copyright, or personal rights of third parties, including the unlawful use of images of third parties; 5. containing logos protected by copyright

The right to the Prize cannot be transferred to other persons. It is also not possible to obtain payment of the equivalent of the Prize. In the event of the Winner resigning from the Prize, the Organiser has the right to transfer it to another Participant taking part in the Competition

6 Personal data of the Contestants

The administrator of the personal data of the Contestants is Advanced Graphene Products ul. Antoniego Wysockiego 4, 66-002 Zielona Góra : NIP: 929 184 7897 , REGON: 081062890.Personal data is processed in the scope of the name of the profile on Instagram and Facebook, name and surname, e-mail address and correspondence address, only for purposes related to the subject matter of the Contest, i.e. for the purposes related to the given Participant’s right to obtain the Prize, the issuance of the Prize, the announcement of the results of the Competition, the processing of any complaints and accounting and tax reporting – in accordance with the provisions of the Act of 29 August 1997 on the protection of personal data in force in the Republic of Poland (consolidated text Journal of Laws of 2002, number 101, item 926, as amended), and from 25 May 2018. in accordance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data and repealing Directive 95/46/EC. The data will be deleted after the end of the complaint opportunity period. The Personal Data Administrator has entrusted the processing of personal data to the Organiser on the basis of a personal data processing entrustment agreement only for the purposes related to the execution of this Competition (obtaining the Prize, issuing the Prize, announcing the results of the Competition, dealing with possible complaints and accounting and tax reporting) and for the time necessary for the execution of the aforementioned purposes. Participation in the Competition is voluntary, while the provision of personal data by the Participant is voluntary but necessary to participate in the Competition. The person whose personal data is processed in connection with the Competition has the right at any time to access the content of his/her personal data, to rectify, delete or restrict the processing, as well as the right to object to the processing, the right to request the transfer of his/her data, and the right to withdraw his/her consent at any time.


7 Final provisions

1.The Rules of the Competition are available at:

An abbreviated description of the rules of the Contest may be found on Instagram and Facebook and the Organiser’s websites. All such content is for information purposes only. Only the provisions of these Rules and the applicable legal regulations shall have legal force. The Organiser has the right to change the Rules of the Contest, but the changes to the Rules shall not infringe the acquired rights of the Participants. In the event that any of the provisions of these Regulations are changed or invalidated by a decision of a competent authority or court, the remaining provisions of these Regulations shall remain in force and bind the Organiser and the Participant.

Any complaints and objections concerning the course of the Competition may be submitted by the Participants in writing by registered mail to the registered address of the Organiser within 7 (seven) days from the date of the end of the Competition at the latest. The Participant will be informed by registered letter (unless the Participant agrees to be notified only by e-mail), within 7 (seven) days, how the complaint will be considered. Any other objections, questions, comments or complaints regarding the competition may be directed by e-mail to the Organiser’s e-mail address: . The Organiser must respond to them within 5 (five) working days.