3D printing, which is a technology for producing three-dimensional objects based on computer models, is growing at an impressive rate. With the introduction of a variety of printing materials, consumers can enjoy more efficient, durable and more resistant to extreme conditions prints. In this article, we will focus on comparing two materials: PLA Graphene Strong and PETG Graphene Strong in the context of use in wheels for an automatic lawn mower that is subjected to weather conditions.

PLA Graphene Strong – Graphene Strength

PLA Graphene Strong is a material that was created by combining traditional PLA (polylactide) with graphene. This combination makes PLA Graphene Strong an ideal candidate for prints for applications requiring exceptional strength and resistance to extreme conditions.

PETG Graphene Strong – Strength and Flexibility

PETG Graphene Strong is another popular material used in 3D printing. It is a thermoplastic polymer that exhibits exceptional mechanical strength and flexibility at the same time. Its resistance to damage and durability make it a frequent choice for usable prints, such as mechanical parts or details that are operated outdoors.

Experiment: Wheels for an automatic lawnmower

In order to compare the durability of PLA Graphene Strong and PETG Graphene Strong, we conducted an experiment on two wheels that we mounted in an automatic lawn mower. The device was placed outside from the beginning of March until today, so it was subjected to intense weathering, such as minus temperatures, wind, rain and intense sunlight.

Results: Resistance to weathering

After prolonged exposure to harsh weather conditions, both wheels retained their form and functionality. For both materials, no visible damage or cracks were observed on the surfaces. Both PLA Graphene Strong and PETG Graphene Strong showed excellent resistance to changing weather conditions.

Summary: Durability under all conditions.

The experiment clearly showed that both PLA Graphene Strong and PETG Graphene Strong are materials that perform well in harsh weather conditions. The robotic lawnmower wheels printed from them proved not only durable, but also resistant to external factors such as rain, wind, sunlight and frost.

It is worth noting that the differences between the two materials are not significant in terms of durability during outdoor operation. PLA Graphene Strong may exhibit slightly higher stiffness, while PETG Graphene Strong has slightly higher flexibility. The final choice between these materials may depend on individual preferences and the requirements of a specific application.

In conclusion, 3D printing has become a powerful tool in the production of parts subjected to harsh weather conditions. Materials such as PLA Graphene Strong and PETG Graphene Strong provide users with durable, efficient and reliable prints that maintain their quality even in extreme conditions.
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