PROGRAFEN is a brand which offers the first Polish commercial filament with graphene. It is widely available on a mass scale and contains graphene with a certified structure. PROGRAFEN filament offers excellent mechanical properties, precise printouts and an innovative, standardised and certified formulation. Join us to explore the potential of graphene embedded in PLA and PET-G. Move your 3D printing to the next level with PROGRAFEN filament. PROGRAFEN is a filament that guarantees precise 3D printing and high repeatability of printouts. Our graphene-based filament provides the highest quality, which is necessary for mass production. It will prove efficient in the automotive, aviation, toolmaking and electronics industries. Our filament is also perfectly suited for prototyping and individual prints.

PROGRAFEN filament is manufactured by Advanced Graphene Products, one of the first companies that produces standardised graphene on a mass scale. The company is the owner of a globally unique technology of producing large-area HSMG® graphene (High Strength Metallurgical Graphene). It has expertise and experience in graphene-based materials and their processing. The production technology includes both large-area graphene in the form of single-crystal graphene sheets and chemically synthesised graphene flakes.

PLA and PET-G filaments are enriched with graphene flakes, which significantly improve such mechanical properties of the base material as the elasticity or tensile modulus.